We’ve Moved to www.inkwolfpress.com

Please update any bookmarks you might have. We’re now hosted and permanently at http://www.inkwolfpress.com. If you were already using that URL you don’t have to change anything, if you had the inkwolfpress.wordpress.com url, then you will need to update. This site will be going away in a couple of months.

Also check out inkwolfpress.com for a special fund raising event for the WOLF sanctuary recently affected by the Colorado fires.


New Projects in the works.

Quick little update on the Inkwolf Press world. We have two projects we are working on and hope to have out this summer or early fall. One is another Doc novella and the other is a slightly longer novella called The Devil and Ben Walker. This one is by S.N. Holl and J.A. Campbell. It’s a lot of fun, you guys will love it 🙂

Doc Vampire-Hunting Dog by J.A. Campbell

At long last our first work is published. Follow Doc, the intrepid Border Collie as he faces down foes more challenging than sheep in this novella length story by J.A. Campbell. It is available in print and ebook.

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Doc is a Border Collie who hunts vampires with his human, Kevin. In this adventure they face their first fight and their most dangerous foe. It’s man’s best friend vs. his worst enemy…

Praise for Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog’s stories:

“They’re Just freaking fun. Like Lassie for kids who watched the Munsters.” – S. N. Holl

“Doc is a new breed of superhero with an eye for adventure!” – Devin O’Branagan

Inkwolf Press

Welcome to Inkwolf Press. This is a small press that my friends and I are putting together as an experiment. We’re going to publish in house at the moment until we get our act together. Check back to see what projects we have going on.

Coming soon. Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog.


This site is still under construction.